Friday, 26 February 2010

The inappropriate overt sexual influence of the young.

The Internet and the sexual radicalisation of our young children must be and really should be of increasing alarm and concern to all free thinking parents. This is my belief, and that if we care to take advantage of the forth coming General Election given the power of a group effort beginning as of now, we can start to ask our social police force our would be politicians ‘Who will form The Next Government of the Day’ for the introduction of a moral and ethical code, at the earliest moment. If we insist they could introduce laws that stops the unregulated sexualisation, sensualisation, and betrayal of innocence of our young children and adolescents, that is appearing in our communities via unregulated mediums’ today, TV the Printed Press i.e. magazines newspapers etc and most worrying of all The Internet. This article that I write can only voice concern where within those homes the penetration and ownership off personal computers and mobile phones, or any device that allows internet connection is a given, and where the freedom of use of those devices is unregulated or un- supervised, allowing access to at its worst, pornography, sexual violence etc! The network providers claim to act in a censorious way, but that can only be after the event, in reality they never remove anything unless they have received a large number of complaints, and then and only then might they remove the offending item, after being available for 48 hours or so, giving enough time to corrupt! You only have to think of large national retailers advertising to the younger female market, items such as “PADDED BRAS; LOLITA BEDS AND POLE DANCING KITS”, just to mention a few, I kid you not, these have really occurred at one time or another, and will continue unless some code of practice is really and reliably enforced! I am truly a believer in freedom of expression, but that freedom surely can only exist where a genuine discussion says that we can say and do that in the restricted confines of an agreed educated adult environment, where understanding i.e. cogent exercises are enforced! This then precludes un-regulated action that has the possibility to cause harmful effects on any person whose mental viewpoint is easily changed and persuaded!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Is The Web an Inocent Repository?

2nd New Blog dated 20th February 2010:
Is the Web Democratic, or are we innocent subscribers’ to an instrument of social manipulation?
We in the West seem to have this rather simplistic belief that the Web is a harmless domain that allows us to have contact with our friends even create new friends, to go shopping with them, or on our own, looking for inspiration as to the way we dress ourselves and our homes in the latest designs from around the World, all this can be done in the comfort of our homes or even on the move via our laptops and a connection to the Web. It also allows us to organise our work and private lives arranging social gatherings and our annual holidays. We can if so inclined, arrange our linking and or grouping together, in whatever gender partnerships and agreements that seem appropriate to our desires and beliefs. We in effect totally subscribe to the truism that the global web community which we are members of is a homogeneous group of like minded persons! It is so easy to Google on the Web to find details as to a singular or group interest, its or their philosophies and beliefs, checking as to whether it is organised into a club or group, and how to become a member. The Web has become the sole repository for access to our specialities’, providing access to the most diverse of subjects and beliefs.’ Wow unbelievable just look at that’ we utter, we just continue to access and use, seemingly without any real thought, the amount of time we spend on the Web increasing year on year probably helped by the very low cost of access! We give out our personal information thinking it is safe to do so i.e. age, sex, our name, address and bank details even frighteningly details of our family and friends also so easily! I do not wish to be a creator off fictional horror stories, but have we never stopped to think the Web has a DARKER SIDE! The Web not only creates these homespun harmless groups, but think of the questions that are typed into any search engine probably “Google” ‘HOW TO KILL MYSELF’; ‘HOW DO I MAKE A BOMB’ I could go on but I am sure my point is already made, The Web is Amorphous it is Not Controlled in the sense that anyone can post information to it, whatever its content, The Web is not a creator of Unity, far from it there are and is a lot of evil lurking all over the Web, in the guise of Cyber crime Political and Religious Extremism, the Web being a protagonist of beliefs including those that are extremely destructive!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Saturday 20th February 2010, the first topic for this Blog;
I have been a user and follower of all things digital for years, that is in the main all things computing for either my business or social life, that experience goes back 20 years plus. When I think about it, in looking into the development of my own usage of computing, and then everyone else’s in the main, it has been predominately for use in business going from the early days of the DOS operating systems to the introduction and then the virtual monopoly of each development of Microsoft Windows system ever since, I am currently using Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007 to write this piece, these were the operating systems devised for allowing ease of use on computing machines. There really has been a choice of two only, either Microsoft or Apple, they were two entirely different systems and with alternative philosophies, I happened as did the majority of people liked and went the Microsoft route, accounting for a whopping 90% of the worlds population, you could argue as to why that happened and as to whether it was the best route, my own thinking is that in going the Microsoft route was that it offered a more cost effective way with a greater choice, YOU COULD USE IT FOR BUSINESS OR ENGAGING IN SOCIAL PASTIMES, that is manufactures produced the hardware i.e. the physical computers printers etc offering very competitive pricing policies with the opportunity to have your computing device repaired cheaply should it break down, with Microsoft restricting itself to creating the software i.e. operating systems and programs, office suites and games etc, whereas with Apple you had no choice, you had to buy and got both the machine and operating system together through the Apple stores network, and offering you not nearly as much opportunity or variety for business or social usage, due to the vastly smaller number of programs available for use on their computers. This split then created the divide we have today with lots of independent developing companies coming up with programs that could be run on Microsoft’s operating system, due to Microsoft releasing access to their codes, so a wealth of programs whether for business social, or personal life were created, allowing computers to start appearing in the home for personal use as to just for business. Apple meantime seemed to keep just a few dedicated enthusiasts interested for its market of expensive computers, with limited program development, which for various reasons became Iconic machines amongst that following. Moving forward , a new change was happening again being driven by new technology developments we had seen the introduction of smaller devices and with that came the specialist device i.e. music players, gaming machines, and later still the introduction of mobile phones. The question now is, is Apple now reversing Microsoft’s grip on all things digital with Apple now showing a greater understanding as to what consumers what and producing desirable goods?

Friday, 12 February 2010

A new day a new begining!

Today my thinking will be focused into the writing of a descriptive reason, as to the purpose of creating this blog, it is in part due to the need to see if the world wide web wants to interact by exchanging, ideas, thoughts, opinions and beliefs etc with me, or will my thoughts and ideas remain unchallenged, unconsidered, unread and ill conceived. I will write a piece once a week of indeterminate length, and of and on a subject determined by events and circumstances of the day, that happens to provoke an opinion with me, one that I will write about developing the structure of my thinking and opinion focusing my mind to adopt a position, then in order to test that thought I will publish my post for others to see and hopefully interact with by posting their own thoughts, thereby creating a democratic forum to challenge positions and beliefs!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

All in a Day

This is only a test blog to check out which design I use for all future blogs!


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